Maternity Style

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When I first became pregnant I was able to wear my regular clothes for about the first 4 to 5 months, it was great! As my jeans started getting snug in the waist, I started using a hair band to keep my button done up and wore longer shirts to cover my unzipped zipper!

At this point I knew the day was coming where I would have to invest in maternity clothing, so I ventured out one afternoon to see what my options were. My first shocker was how expensive maternity clothing can be! I really just started wearing maternity clothes not long ago, (around 6 months) so I will probably get 5 months of wear out of them. I figured there must be a better way!

Here are some tips and tricks I have used so far. At the end of this pregnancy if I learn any more I will be sure to share!

Old Navy regular sizes

Old Navy regular sizes

– In the beginning, just use an elastic hair band around your pants button and wear longer shirts, this will get you through the first 4 to 5 months.

– Ask friends and family if they have any clothes to borrow. My sister gave me a whole bag of clothing which was really great!

– Check your spouses clothing, I was able to “borrow” a couple shirts to sleep in when my pj’s started getting too tight/uncomfortable. You may even find a nice white button up shirt you can wear belted with leggings, get creative!

– Buy pieces that are “basics” and will go with everything, I purchased a pair of skinny jeans, a maternity black and a white tank top for layering, a black skirt and white peasant blouse. These items are always my base and I can use them interchangeably.

– Shop around, my city doesn’t have a large assortment of maternity stores, but I was able to find an Old Navy with maternity wear which really helped the budget.

– For bras and underwear, just buy bigger sizes and avoid underwire, it hurts! I had good luck at Target and the prices were right too!

– Buy regular size dresses that have empire waists, you will most likely be able to wear them when you aren’t pregnant also.

If you happen to live in London Ontario, the best priced items I found were at Old Navy and Motherhood Maternity on Wellington Rd.


Hope this helps save a little cash!


Looks Like Leopard

I saw this outfit  on the Frugal Fashionista website last week and I decided I desperately needed a leopard print blouse! The search was on! You will not believe the great deal I found. Not only is this a really great top, it is really inexpensive! I found it at Forever 21.

Wild Faux Leather Trimmed Blouse | LOVE21 – 2025101150.

I love the faux leather cuffs and collar, it’s a really cool touch. I wore this out on the weekend and got a lot of compliments on it. If you are looking for something to spruce up the wardrobe that is kind of fun and don’t want to invest a lot of money, this would be a great shirt for you to try!


I Heart Boots!

I’m not sure how everyone else feels, but, when I think of fall, I think of boots! I love boots and look forward to the time of year I can pull them out and start wearing them again. This year I have my heart set on a nice, dark brown pair of flat-heeled boots. The search is on! I really don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on them. Pictured above are some boots that I have in mind. All photo’s came from Aldo‘s website.

One problem I have with boots is the way they fit around my calves. I would like to think that I am an average size person so it always seems funny to me that it would be difficult to get boots that fit. Here are some tips for shopping for boots to fit a wider calf.

  • Look for boots that have a stretchy panel on the side
  • Some retailers offer, “extended calf sizes” I found this website, I have not shopped it before, but may be worth trying?
  • Go for cowgirl boots, they often have wider tops

I purchased a pair of high heel boots last fall at the Eaton Centre in Toronto. They are made by Guess. The top is cut similar to a cowgirl boot so there is lots of room for my calf to fit in, oh, and they are cute too! They look a lot like the black ones below:

Have a great night and good luck with your boot pursuit this year!