DIY Face Masks

DIY Orange Face Mask from “Food Plus Words”

Winter is quickly approaching. Because it has been a wee bit chilly outside, we have the heat on in our home. This unfotunately can lead to drier skin. I have been looking around for a moisturizing face mask for my skin. The problem is when I read the label I see all of these chemicals listed and I have no idea whether they are good or bad. All I know is that the skin is the largest organ on the body and whatever you are putting on it will certainly be absorbed into your blood stream. Oatmeal Face Scrub & Mask from “Green Earth Bazaar”

I started to look around on the web to see what I can find for more natural solutions. The plus side of this is they are also more frugal solutions too! I found some great sites and I can’t wait to share them with you! If you do try any of these, let me know how it goes. I am personally going to try the “Miracle Mask” tomorrow. Have a great Tuesday all 🙂

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