Strike a Pose

Whenever my body feels aches and pains, I know I haven’t been doing enough yoga. If I do yoga consistently I feel great! It’s good for the body and the soul. No matter how I feel going in, stressed, angry, down in the dumps, I always come out of it feeling all warm and fuzzy,the old brain will always feel calmer, a smile on my face. Even once a week is enough to get the kinks out and just renew your energy level.

Yoga Class at a Gym

Yoga Class at a Gym (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are so many different kinds of yoga. I am definitely not an expert on the subject, I take whichever yoga class fits into my schedule at the gym. Hot yoga is one I’ve been hearing a lot about lately. Apparently, the heat and humidity is increased in the room to help with peoples flexibility in poses. According to Wikipedia, the heat is also meant to replicate the heat and humidity in India where these poses originate from.
English: Bikram Yoga

English: Bikram Yoga (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are also different forms of hot yoga. Bikram yoga, which is the most common and one that many gym classes are based off of, generally consists of 26 poses and 2 breathing exercises. The purpose of this type of yoga is to prevent injury by adding the heat and humidity to help deepen poses. The heat and humidity help the body to be more flexible. It is also great for increased circulation and for releasing toxins from the body.
As with everything, there can be safety issues, drinking enough water is important for hydration. People with high blood pressure and heart issues should be careful with hot yoga for obvious reasons.
Yoga Class at a Gym Category:Gyms_and_Health_Clubs

Yoga Class at a Gym Category:Gyms_and_Health_Clubs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With so many types of yoga to choose from, there is probably a class out there for every level of health and fitness. I highly recommend it, I promise you will feel great!

2 thoughts on “Strike a Pose

  1. i just got done at hot yoga just a second ago. i looooove hot power vinyasa and bikram is not really my style. bikram bores me that its the same 26 postures every single time for 90 minutes in the same order. power yoga is lots of salutations and pushups and movement and headstands i love it! you have to try it

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