Hurricane Sandy: How You Can Help

We have a lot to be thankful for in the city I live. We had crazy gusts of wind and certainly trees and branches came down, but my family and friends are safe and sound. Many people in Haiti, Cuba and the U.S. have suffered great losses and my heart goes out to them. There are ways that we can help even if we can’t physically be there to do so. I have posted a few links to articles that I have found have good information on ways to assist.


3 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy: How You Can Help

  1. Hey! I absolutely love your blog! So fun, inspiring, and unique! I am nominating you for the Liebster Award! To learn more about it, if you don’t already know, you can read about it on my blog; . I hope you continue your posts– love them! So glad I get to nominate you, I would love to! Thanks so much!

    • Thanks for the nomination! Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. Being pregnant is pretty tiring! I am hoping to get back into a more regular posting schedule. I really miss sharing my thoughts.

      • You are so very welcome! No need to apologize, it is absolutely fine! I understand, when I have to take a break, I feel the same way! So happy you are trying to get back into posting some more!

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