Running or Walking?

Running or walking for exercise, which is better? I personally do a little of both. If I run too much I find my knees get sore, so I run once or twice a week and man does it feel good! When I don’t have much energy and I don’t want to go to the gym or the weather is really nice, I get outside for a walk.

I feel that walking 30 minutes each day at any pace is better for you than doing nothing at all. The funny thing is, once you start and get into the habit, it is something you will start to look forward to. I find the time when I exercise is the one time of day where I don’t think about work, my boyfriend, my friends, my bills or even my cute little pets.


This time is for me, I challenge myself to run faster when running or to really take a look around me when outdoors walking. Just take that time to really appreciate the city you live in or really be in the conversation you are having.

If you want to lose weight, then obviously you will need to walk a little faster, enough to get your heart rate up. I found some great information on this on the Livestrong website.

So, running vs. walking, which is better? The answer is, do which ever one you like the most! Just get out there and do it. People are not meant to be sedentary. It leads to many health problems including depression. So, why not start now?


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