Workout Motivation

Back in April my Boyfriend and I decided to join a gym. It started out great; we were excited, going three or four nights each week. Our energy levels were high and our stress levels low. So, over time I guess, like usual, we started to lose interest. Little by little we were going less and less. At this point we go maybe once, maybe twice a week, sometimes not at all. The honeymoon is totally over!

So how the heck can a person stay motivated? It felt great to work out and I do miss it. Some of the problems I personally face are, my work schedule, which is all over the place, late nights, early mornings. I work on my feet all day so there are nights I get home and really feel like the last thing I want to do is spend yet another half hour on my feet. What’s a girl (and boy) to do?!?

We need motivation big time and we need it now! Here are some tips to keep the workouts on track!

  • Make yourself a killer playlist. There’s nothing like a good run/long walk to your favourite tunes! It may even be the only chance you get during the day to just listen to the songs you love!
  • Change up the routine. For my three workouts, one I will run, one I will take a class and the third I will do circuit training. It’s more interesting. For the nights I can’t bear to be on my feet any longer, I turn to Yoga or Pilates. Watch out for Pilates, it looks and seems so innocent, but the next day…ouch! In a good way of course!
  • Buy yourself something to wear that you really like. That alone is enough to get me to the gym!
  • Reward yourself, for example, If you commit to the 3x per week 30 day challenge and succeed, buy yourself something nice or watch a movie you’ve been dying to see. Sometimes something as simple as a bottle of nail polish is enough to motivate me. Just do what works for you!
  • Meet up with a friend. If you have to meet at a specific time, you won’t want to let them down
  • Above all, you deserve it! This is time for you to take care of yourself, to feel good about yourself.

I am making a pledge for the next thirty days to get back on track. I’m going to start with three nights each week, for at least 30 minutes per workout. Who’s with me??? November 15th I will post my results.


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