Night Cream


I recently decided that I would like to start using a night cream. Up until now I have used Cetaphil moisturizer day and night, but as I am getting older I feel like I could use something to help with my dry, sensitive, aging skin. I read a review on Live Clean Nourishing Night Cream a couple of weeks ago and decided to give it a spin!

I picked it up at my local Shoppers Drugmart for $9.99. The first thing I noticed was how pretty the packaging is. I opened the jar and the scent was very light, somewhat lemon like. This was a little scary for me since my face usually hates scented anything…but I decided to proceed! This product is 98%plant derived so I was thinking that would make it easier for my skin to handle. The texture of the cream was slightly runny and when applied did not leave my skin feeling greasy at all. I applied the moisturizer after cleansing (using Cetaphil for normal skin). There was a slight stinging, but otherwise things seemed good!

After using the moisturizer for a couple of weeks, I definitely noticed my skin looked brighter. The downfall for me was that my skin started to get red rough patches. So, it looks like I am back to square one! I feel this moisturizer would be great for someone with less sensitive, oily skin. The price is right and they do not use harsh chemicals in their products. According to their website, Live Clean uses plant based ingredients that are renewable and sustainable.

What night creams are you using? Have you tried anything that works well on sensitive, dry skin?


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